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We apply our expertise in voice and data structured cabling to deploy infrastructure able to assure you of network performance, functionality and quality.

Your end-user requirements guide our designs, so you’ll know your solution is the right one because it’s tailored specifically to you. Working directly with you or on behalf of established partners to achieve the best results, we approach each solution by talking to you about today, and also tomorrow. This way, your cabling solution meets immediate needs yet continues to deliver long into the future. Future-proofed infrastructure allows your network to support all typical data and voice applications and at the same time have the agility to keep up with the demands of organisational growth. An in-built ability to accommodate higher bandwidth in anticipation of next generation applications means that you’ll continue to enjoy the same levels of high quality channel performance, voice and data.

Here are some before and after images of server room environments that we have cleaned up using existing hardware.